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Create metadata and upload datasets


The NVS Databank requires information about each dataset archived. Please use our online form to create metadata for datasets that you wish to archive. Note that the dataset itself can be provided as part of this process, or at a later date.

The NVS Databank can now accept data for upload from registered users. All we require is a data file (e.g. a NVS Express, formatted EXCEL, or csv file) and some accompanying metadata that describes the data within the project. Once uploaded into NVS your data is available for you to access and download at anytime. You can also manage requests for your data and track downloads so that you can monitor use. Data in formats other than NVS Express (e.g. spreadsheets) can also be accepted.

Please login,or sign up if you are a new user to upload your data.

Create metadata

Permission required

Datasets require the permission of the owner before they can be downloaded.

Open access

Datasets can be downloaded by any logged in user.

Please provide information on how you are planning to use these data, in particular the potential significance of your project. This helps us report on the value of NVS data and allows us to ensure you have received the data most suited to your purpose.

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