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NVS data reside in a modern relational database that was developed to meet the varied needs of plot based vegetation data. This conceptual data model has evolved from simple beginnings to one that now caters for a wide range of data types and collection methods. The data model draws from an earlier NVS database design and a similar effort in the USA called VegBank.  Note the NVS database implementation  may differ from this conceptual model in places for practicality.  Component diagrams and defintions were created in 2007-08.

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Data Exchange - VegX


VegX is an exchange standard for plot-based vegetation data developed by the NVS team in conjunction with an international group interested in a consistent approach for sharing plot-based vegetation data between various data sources. The aim of VegX is to reduce the time consuming task of restructuring data into consistent forms, resolving species names and taxonomy and communicating the methods, data units and levels of precision when aggregating vegetation data. VegX is currently being used by NVS and the BIEN group in the USA.  See Wiser et al. 2011. Veg-X - an exchange standard for plot-based vegetation data.  Journal of Vegetation Science 22:598-609

VegX R package at GitHub and associated user manual

VegX Schema v1.5.1 (Current) zip file (2.36 MB)

Using VegX with NZ NVS (an example export) MS Word Document (66 kB)

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Datasets require the permission of the owner before they can be downloaded.

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Datasets can be downloaded by any logged in user.

Please provide information on how you are planning to use these data, in particular the potential significance of your project. This helps us report on the value of NVS data and allows us to ensure you have received the data most suited to your purpose.

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